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Barber & Ross Company
110 Catoctin Circle, S.E.
Leesburg, VA 20177
Metro # 703-478-1970
Barber & Ross supplied the original windows and screens. As of February 2002, replacement sashes for the double-hung windows were available. They fit into the house's existing window frame. The lock mechanism on the new windows is not compatible with the locks on the original windows. Therefore, if just one sash needs replacement, you must nevertheless buy a pair of sashes with a new lock (2/02 price--$175.04 for a bedroom-size window), or one sash without a lock and transfer the old window sash's lock to the new sash (unknown how easy or difficult this is to do). Replacement screens are also available for the bedroom-size windows. (Replacement screens are not available for the Salem model kitchen casement windows. Unknown whether they are available for the Winston model casement windows.) NOTE: When ordering either a window or a screen, be prepared to tell Barber & Ross the dimensions of the clear glass area of the window needing the new part. Mullions are not available from Barber & Ross.

Olympic Manufacturing
Per Barber & Ross, as of February 2002, replacement mullions for the Barber & Ross double-hung windows are available from Olympic.

Home Depot
As of March 2002, a replacement handle for the sliding glass door (whose interior handle has a tendency to break at one of the two metal arms that connect the wooden grip to the door) can be special ordered from Home Depot for $19.54 + tax). Specify part #50-5500 standard door handle for patio door. Unfortunately, the needed interior hand grip part comes with unneeded exterior hand grip and locking mechanism parts as well. The interior hand grip neatly fits in the drill holes originally made for the broken handle. NOTE: the door grip is white.