To send mail to the Homeowners' association, address it to

McLean Province Homeowners' Association
C/o National Realty Partners
365 Herndon Parkway, Suite 106
Herndon, VA 20170

Our community manager is Mary Lockhart.
He can be reached at Mary Lockhart, or via National Realty Partners at 703-673-9131.


Falls Church Water - 703-698-5800


Virginia Dominion Power 888-667-3000
Call this number to report street light outages. Provide the numbers from the impacted lightpole.


McLean Trash Service - 703-442-7387
Trash is picked up Mondays and Thursdays
Recycling is picked up Thursdays
Please call them to arrange for pickup of large items

Homeowner Board Members

President Kelly Freeland
Vice President Oliver Richard
Secretary Cara Cline-Thomas
Treasurer Larry Kindsvater
Landscaping Committee Chair Steven Smith
Director at Large Steve Bay
Director at Large Brian Hult
Director at Large Nigel Mote
Director at Large Walter Zenner